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The principals of Man of Two Worlds are also partners in the Real Estate team, CENTER STAGE REAL ESTATE @ Equity Real Estate. Please visit our CENTER STAGE REAL ESTATE site for more details about our services!
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Garry Peter Morris

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Kent Harrison Hayes

Thanks for visiting the CENTER STAGE REAL ESTATE team @ Equity Real Estate!

Garry Peter Morris and Kent Harrison Hayes

Prior to joining the wonderful world of Real Estate, we each spent the better part of 30 years in the entertainment industry, working with clients and celebrities from around the world. Our successes were largely based on our abilities to be intuitive, patient, efficient, detail oriented, able to multi-task, and have great negotiating skills. What’s great about our previous experience is that those skills are absolutely essential to achieving success for our clients in Real Estate! 

We want to help
make both buying and selling homes truly enjoyable for you. As entertainers, we have always loved working with and helping people - a quality that also is key to any successful Realtor®. It also takes passion, initiative and energy to achieve success in any field, and those who have known us over the years know we have an abundance of all three.

We look forward to putting your Real Estate needs

IT’S ALL ABOUT GREAT PERFORMANCE” isn’t just our motto…it’s our life!


Man of Two Worlds, LLC was founded in 2001 as an Arts and Entertainment Development Company. Over the years the company has produced plays, developed and produced screenplays, written, arranged and produced music for television and served as an agent representative to a variety of artists.