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Man of Two Worlds Productions
Center for the Arts at Kayenta

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Sylvia is a comedy by A.R. Gurney. The production is produced by Center for the Arts at Kayenta and Man of Two Worlds Productions.

Auditions for the role of Kate will take place Saturday, December 8th 1-2pm at The Room For Thought, located next to the Center for The Arts at Kayenta in Ivins. There is pay. All other roles are cast.

Kate: Lead. Casting Early 40’s - Mid 50’s. She’s likable, strong, sometimes snarky, loves her husband deeply and doesn’t want to lose him because of his obsession with his new dog Sylvia.

A man (Greg) who is suffering through a midlife crisis, finds a stray dog in a park (Sylvia) and brings her home. His wife (Kate) is unhappy with this new addition to the family. Sylvia’s presence puts their marriage in jeopardy until, after a series of hilarious and touching complications, Greg and Kate find a resolution.

The role of Sylvia is played by a human. The play is recommended for ages 13+.

Rehearsals from February 4 - March 6
Performances March 7 - 10 and 14 - 17

Audition sides are available in advance. Please contact the Director, Garry Morris, for a copy. He will e-mail them to you:

Center for the Arts at Kayenta
881 Coyote Gulch Court, Ivins UT 84738
From St. George / Santa Clara
Take Old Highway 91 through Santa Clara toward Gunlock.
3 miles past Pioneer Parkway in Ivins, turn right onto Kayenta Parkway.
Take a left turn on Kwavasa Drive to go to the southwest side for Parking.
The Room For Thought is located across the sidewalk from the lobby of the Arts Center.

This production of SYLVIA is underwritten in part through the generous contributions of Brent & Pamela Layton, John & Marjorie Budd, and Paul & Jill Scheffel.
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